We Won!

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I want to congratulate you on taking decisive action and making a major change in your life. While no-one can travel back in time to reverse decisions made years ago, you are now one experience wiser, albeit somewhat older :D

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." –George Eliot


As long as you've grown as a person and can take some good memories from the relationship, please don't view it as a failure. Yes it will be painful and I'm certainly glad you're in a place that brings you some closure, but please don't see it as wasted time.

Relationships aren't only successful if it ends if one spouse dead (making it to "till death do us part"); as long as you can take something from it and look back on (parts of) it fondly, it was a success, at least in part.

Thanks, as always for the writing and the work you do! Enjoy MAL and happy 2014!

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