We Won!

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I read this post and just smiled and the thought that comes to mind is "our little Tynan is all grown up!" This is not a negative one, but very positive. It is a journey we all take in life and for those of us that have a kink life a journey we take there. We start out with those shy naughty feelings, then we act on them, the we start to know more people, then we have friends, the we maybe travel to a kink event and are awed at the market, and awed at the men in gear in the halls and lobby, then we engage in the parties and drinking, the wonderful endless sex and play. We go home and are in awe and already want to go back. Then we maybe get the idea to run for a kink title to help build our local community. Some win, and move on, some win again some dont. But we build the community. Then some of us go to an event with friends (and I believe it was IML 2012) and some of us come home with a risky idea to open a kink business, and low and behold they do it. now whether that business makes it or not time will tell the point is they did something to help their community grow. My point here is we all grow and grow up and its am amazing thing to watch others grow. Now I have never met Tynan face to face (something that has to change) so you or even he might ask how do I know all this about him, well couple of reasons, I follows this blog, and two this has happened to me and everyone of us. Granted I have not opened a kink business and most of us wont, but we all grow in life and in kink life. It is a journey that never ends. It is fun watching others grow. It will be interetimg to see Tynan the business man at IML. Here is to following a dream.

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