We Won!

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I would appreciate knowing the address/time of the startup. Cheers.



You're really to be commended for sharing this very personal matter. Generally, a person's sex life and preferences are something that aren't anyone else's business, let alone your parents. It does go the other way... would you really want to hear about your parents detailed sexual exploits? It'd be equally uncomfortable.

But you're in a unique situation where your sexuality and preferences intersect with your public face, so this probably was a necessary event. Remember, you've had years to live, know, and accept this facet of yourself. Your parents are finding out for the first time. Of course there's going to be an initial shock, even for probably the most liberated parent. Hopefully, as time goes on, they'll have more time to think about it and accept it. The fact your mom knows it's your life and your choice is a big step forward as it is.

Best wishes to you, your family, and the business.


I know how hard this was. It reminds me of when I had to come clean with my family on who "Dart" is...got very mixed reactions, including one sibling that refused to talk to me anymore. But it was an important step...just as this was for you. It's taking a stand of SELF. This is who you are, Tynan. Your bio family may not approve or be comfortable with it now...but they can be proud they have a son who is self-actualized enough to embark on what you have been doing.

The most meaningful thing my mother said to me when I revealed MY endeavors (she was the most supportive) was, "you don't owe ANYONE in your family an apology, no matter how guilty they'll try to make you feel. Don't apologize to anyone about being YOU."

I share it with YOU now Tynan. Great job..I'm proud of you :)

- Dart

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