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Nicholas Gervais

Yes there were councils... quite a few of them actually. Often they would argue about protocol mainly because kinksters fled so quickly to it. I was so often amazed at just how meticulous their organizational skills were, pages and pages of diagrams with specific numbers for bondage equipment.

The problem was the entitlement factor...as always. Like any discipline, the illusion of grandeur often overpowers the sense of reality. While the titles existed...the authority often times did not, even if by association. Hell, have you been to the adult rope art forums? The big names in rope posted there regularly, are often times seen as a council of sorts, and the only fucking thing you will ever see in it is arguing back and forth about "honorable knot" rhetoric. "Councils" eventually drain any discipline of the life behind its principles. Unfortunately our community was no different.

The order that once was existed exclusively, in many regards and did have "rites of passage" that pretty much were on the basic level so you know how to not seriously injure anyone. Judging from these arguments, it seems the books author did indeed take things too far. I can only theorize as to why.

That being said, lead on Tynan. I greatly appreciate these posts of yours.


I suspect the Roman's may have had the first kink council's, hell they may have even existed well before Rome. Whatever existed in the 40's or 50's is just a page in the history of kinky sex and at most the beginning of the modern era of kink.

Don't let the old guard dictate your journey.

I just started reading your blog and really appreciate it. Thanks for having the courage to be who you are.

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