We Won!

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Glad to see you are inspiring the kinky youth to 'come out' again. You've touched on a whole other topic that I'd like to see you write about - coming out of the kink closet and what a struggle it is for most ppl.


Amazing presentation.


I'm glad to hear that you got a lot out of the conference - and glad to see that this is (what I hope) is the grand kickoff to your business! There have been plenty of others that have started out by doing presentations at a conference and they became known nationally, even to the point where they could live off of presenting. Look at Robyn Ochs, for example. Wishing you the best of luck! Keep up the amazing work!

A Facebook User

Hey Tynan. Did you get the photos I took during MBLGTACC 2012? I emailed them, but I didn't get a reply back or a bounce so I was unsure if they made it to you.


l am both disabled acvtie wheelchair user and with a kink 100% sub & transgender. have been involved the past 33 years wow sooo long but still going. Have been to a number of clubs in London in the time l was there always found peeps accomodating even if the venues where not that wonderful for access.Have had various Doms & Dommes who have also been willing and understanding looking beyond the disability.l feel that its not where you are its the people who make the difference. Maybe those who do not want to learn are just unsure on how to start engaging lm sure things will improve.Am in the UK here!the post was really good well done

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