We Won!

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David H.

It's not just the younger kinksters. ;)

I understand what they meant when they said reading your blog gave them "hope" and "courage". You've helped do the same for me.

I think this paragraph sums it up for me perfectly:

"Moreover, there's no reason that anyone else can't have it. Maybe if I wrote about my own life, others won't feel so inhibited to get out there and play while they're younger. Grab your kinky life by the balls, kinkster, because you're not the only college boy dying to break into this."

And you were worried about having no background in writing. ;) As a writer with no background in the art myself, trust me...just go for it...the details usually resolve themselves. And you have gone for it, with heart and passion. And that's why you inspire me and those others who read you. Being a somewhat jaded bitch at the tender age of 37...inspiration takes a lot for me to muster these days. I usually don't gush, and I did when I saw you last night (at least for me).

Breaking through those inhibitions can be quite the challenge, I've found - but you're right. There's no reason anyone else can't have it - it's simply a matter of making that leap of faith in your head. Much like writing, all else follows.

I feel like I'm making up for lost time, but grabbing my life by the balls...yeah. I've never felt this empowered. Christ, practically giddy sometimes, like I found a lost toy. Or maybe coming out for a second time. And I'm just a few steps from the beginning of this particular journey. No idea where it's going to take me or who I'm going to meet along the way. But I know that I have brothers such as you out there who've been there, who know what it's like, whose stories can serve as guideposts as I write my own.... Being an only child and non-frat boy (who went to the state school in the opposite corner of Missouri), I never really understood the whole notion of "brotherhood" until I started entering this community. But I've made some of my fastest and best friends since I did. And for that, I'm very, very grateful.

I could blabber on, but I'll spare you and your readers. I'll just say this: Keep writing. Keep inspiring. Keep being you. It IS working.

a minnesotan

Please be advised that I'm in your target audience. I've left a few creeper-ish comments on your blog a while back, but this post, plus my own life circumstances, have to do with an eventual emergence. Cheers.


I recently reoeinjd Fetlife, and one of the first rants I came across was about "no limits" slaves. I'm sure there are some critics who just want to stir up trouble, and some just don't believe there are people out there with no self-preservation instinct.The extreme "what if" is always presented: What if your once loving Master went over to the dark side and decided he wanted to cut off your arm? (Why a Master would ever want to do this is beyond me.) Of course, the logical response is RED!I guess my question is, why do so many people see BDSM as a competition?I don't have a problem with allowing a person her/his fantasy or reality, however they happen to see it.~ Diana ( An "on-the-fence agnostic")

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