We Won!

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I think you're going to be providing a great service to many young adults confused and struggling. I'm very excited to hear how your speeches go in the future. Many colleges go as far as handing out condoms freely to consider themselves sex positive, but those willing to bring you to campus are truly getting there!


I completely agree. I've always agreed with that Margaret Cho quote. You are going to have some fantastic presentation jobs ahead of you. ;)


I've been thinking about that laltey, too. Kitty Thomas had a couple of posts up about her work, and how being branded as erotic romance for her would be a bad thing. I wrote a follow-up post about safewords (it was related...the path was kinda convoluted :) ) because they are so expected in BDSM novels that if you don't do it, you're considered wrong, wrong, wrong, when I know several people who don't use them and most of the people who would complain about a lack of safeword don't even kink. I just made kink a verb, I guess, but anyways, I do think there are a lot of expectations surrounding genre. To some extent, that is to be expected. After all, that's kinda what the whole genre categorization is there for. But I do love to be surprised, assuming we are talking about the thoughtful kind and not just deus ex machinas every which way.

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