We Won!

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"I still hold myself to higher standards, and when I fail, I take it really, really hard on myself. I do this in every facet of my life..."

that sounds all too familiar :(
sounds like me.


I raise my hand and I can say we are three identified with that phrase!

SD Nailer

I remember my Inferno experiences fondly. Nothing like them--they're permanently etched in my memory. I remember being in the corner of the flogging tent on a cross, and experiencing my first bull whip. It was the most intense experience I'd ever had, and I felt so much better about myself when it was done. The Sir who worked with me was a local from my hometown, whom I trusted implicitly. The monitor at the moment happened to be my sponsor for the weekend. That bull whipping was an incredibly bonding experience for all three of us, and I came home a different person. Inferno can be intense. It can change a person. I'm glad you discovered something about yourself that will help you grow. Well done.


This is beautiful remembering. Thank you for sharing it. You are absolutely lovely.


This is a beautiful remembering. Thank you for sharing it. You are absolutely lovely.

slave 640

Thanks from this slave too


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