We Won!

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I'm about to go through much the same thing. Tomorrow at 8am I'll be leaving for the first music festival of the season, and the only one I've got the money to do this year: four days of sun, incredible music and generally happy hippy madness. It'll be awesome, not least because I have some awesome friends going. I'm positively dreading Monday though.

Reality is a bitch.


You can always write me to alleviate your lonliess. ;) But seriously, I know what you mean. It can be a let down when you leave such a large group dynamic. But on the other hand, enjoy the peace and solitude while you can.


Believe you me, I am going through the same withdrawals. It was a handful of days of pure bliss; being with other gear guys -- the same gear guys I've drooled over on Recon, now engaging in face-to-face discussions and connections... amazing connections.

It was so great seeing you Tynan. Your friendship means a GREAT deal to me!


It was great seeing you Tynan. I cant wait to come up there w/ Hunter and hang out. :)

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