We Won!

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I'll pour out a drink for your fallen catsuit tonight.


This is actually a very cool story. It made me think of the first time I put on Spiderman lycra, I had a similar feeling. It's always tough to give up something that's a part of you. Hope you find a suitable replacement soon (if your attic can spare the room). :)

David Syczylo

Wow. Really makes you think how much we take for granted, our gear that is. I still remember the first time I got to suit up. It was a friends catsuit that I saw in his basement and he let me wear it every time I visited him. I can still feel it, smell it and just remember little things that were going on each time my body was encased in that rubber suit. You are 100% correct, life seems to drift away when you are in gear and appreciated (played with). Then the suit tore right under the arm down to my side and left leg. It was sad to see it go. Since then I have bought some gear and get played with every now and then but for some reason I still think of that suit. It is not like the one I have now, it feels different but in a good way.


Aw, Tynan, such a sweet memorial to your favorite piece of fetishwear. I can totally sympathize, I think we've all had to have silent memorials to such pieces of latex sex in the past, recalling all the great memories, sensations, orgasms they have generated over the years. On to new exciting adventures with a new rubbery friend, right? :)



Great blog dude, just discovered it!

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