We Won!

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I'll tie you up and you can turn purple all over as far as I care. ;)



First comment is be glad you have play partners that care about your safety and will want to take care of you. All of us know about the aweful event over the past years with fellow bondage kinkster lives being put to a short end either by accident or carelessness. Now that being said. I have a really good friend who is a red head and also has very fair skin. He is also a bondage freak. It seems you cant tie him tight enough or long enough. He also has his hands and feet start to retain blood and it has evene gone as far as his lips. Now i dont know your health history but i assume you are healthy. When this started happening to Chandler, he went to his doctor and low an behold he had some problem with his heart and the circulation of his blood. He ended up having a rather simple procedure done by todays standards, but if left unchecked could have taken him to an early end. Once he had this done it greatly improved his situation. I just dont think its good for anyone to be turning purple. Please let me or all of us know what yuou find out to help you.


The one thing I can think of is have a safe word & teel your partner not to worry sence you cn tell if your loosing blood flow ect. & you will use the safe word if that happens & not to play to mush attention be cause your the type that your hands ect. get/turn purple dealing with rope play.

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