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Yay for more people on Fetlife. ^_^

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I don't think it's a fear of kinks per se so much as a fear of sex and nudity, which is a hallmark of the American people. Violence is great in all its gory details, but sex? No, that can only be hinted at in a very mild and vanilla fashion. Showing people getting wasted with alcohol is perfectly OK, but two people smoking a joint? No, no. Think of the children! It's a bizarre moralistic dichotomy that is completely absurd. As for FetLife, I've had a poor experience with it. I'm not sure how else you could advertise your services.


I agree, I don't think it's Kinkophobia so much as it's Westerner's general Sexophobia. Sigh. I think things are changing, but change comes slowly.

Personally, I've been kind of disappointed in the lack of gay presence on FetLife. Seems to be a cross-section of straights and an older gay segment. The younger gay representation appears to be somewhat missing, but perhaps that's not entirely true. I'm still new to the site.


Definitely agree. Facebook is kinkphobic, sexphobic, and subtly homophobic. It's social networking is representative of everyone only so far as the Facebook morality police will allow. Hypocritical, just like everything else in mainstream North American society. I have been perplexed since I was a kid why war, violence and destruction are so revered in our society while love, sex and intimacy are abhored. Fucking religion.

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