We Won!

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Dear Tynan,

I could see where PANIC might have set in a few times. As you say it is bad enough to have to come out as Kinky but to have that much PROOF as well and being Christmas no less. It sounds so amusing yet it I know how FEARFUL a moment it was. You pulled it off so well though by the sound of it. You will likely be more more careful in the future in how you travel and what with as well. "THE COST OF ADMISSION" is steep indeed to enjoy the things that make us happy and whole.

Happy New Year Tynan from Southwest Indiana.

A Minnesotan.

Cheers, Tynan.

This anecdote has nothing to do with you. You don't know me, and I don't know you. But, I have followed your blog for several months, and this post resonates with me over the christmas season, especially because of something that just happened to me. Which is why I'm writing a long commment. I'm a guy who got found out recently. Perhaps this will be edifying.

I currently live with my parents, and work a straight job in a factory. 12-14 hour days are typical. Over the last few weeks, prompted by various factors, I had taken to some light self-bondage, as I'd gone to bed. I would duct tape my eyes and mouth shut, and use some belts as makeshift collars. It was a very simple, dumb, step, but I found I really liked it. Mom found me in this state once, and didn't think much of it. But, then dad found me in the same state about a week later, and it was much scarier for him. I suppose that in a way, I wanted to be caught.

The morning after dad had found me in this state (I'd been drunk the night before), we had a chat, with mom elsewhere. Dad's message was, "You scared the hell out of me. I thought you were dead. You've got to know, that if you kill yourself, you're killing us, too. This is really out there." All this, from simple self bondage. I'd brought this on myself. I felt like a shit, and I knew the conversation was coming.

Dad welled up. "We want you to have a loving relationship. We want that for you. But you've got to be smarter than this." I volunteered, "I'm not choking myself, dad." An understanding was reached, and I knew that my parent's priority was my own well-being, as it always has been. I know I won the lottery on the parent tip.

The point? I got found out over christmas weekend, and I need to relocate to the twin cities already. I need to get some sort of gear, and I need to act on my urges in a safe fashion.


I really hope you get tied and gagged in the waders after all that hassle!

Happy Holidays from Ireland

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