We Won!

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Black Leather Chazz

You are now, and always have been, my Mister International Rubber. You're the embodiment of everything he should be.

- Chazz


Tynan, you are what I look up to as MIR. Kind, great for the community, KINKY, etc. You did great I think. Amazing competition this time out.

It was great to have you as a roommate for this MIR. I hope that we can do it again next year :)


Tynan, I know from being Captain of my hockey team, Captain of last years Mens Golf League, and a motocross racer in District 23, that the true act of competing is to engage and participate in the activity. While many of us were in the stands, on the sidelines or just plain waiting for the results from home, we all stood behind you and cheered you on. You asked me two months ago whether you would win MIR. I said YES, and still firmly believe that you should of won.
However, just being in the competion and preparing for that weekend was in my view hard enough and the fact that you stuck it out was the true defination of a winner.
You have the right attitude here, its not whether you win or lose, cause deep down inside you, the answer lies.
Tynan you might of lost this weekend, but you still have me as your friend, you will always be a winner in my book, you are such a great friend.
I have lost many a motocross race, and lost hockey games by me not protecting the net, but I still know that I have tried my best to win and give it my all.
You gave it your all this weekend, and we are still in the stands, the sidelines still cheering you on after all this.......congratulations bro!
Your friend.

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