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I had an awesome time meeting you at the Eagle, it was my first expierence and I will never forget it. I know that night was all yours with your birthday party, but I feel that a part of it was mine as well. It was my very first time inside the Minneapolis Eagle and I never would imagined ever walking in there. I was in a little gear at first, just my biker jacket, but the looks I got from all the guys upstairs as well as downstairs was making me nervous. I didnt get to go downstairs yet and 3 people told me I had a great biker jacket, and the guy wearing it is even hotter. I then took off my jacket and got into my rubber gear, wow. The room just focused all on me.... I was nervous, and was looking for you the whole time. I needed someone to talk to that i knew. The butterflies were definatly working and I wanted to leave bad. I felt a little sick. Then i saw you upstairs, and I dashed back downstairs so you wouldnt see me. I wanted to surprise you. When you locked your eyes and mouth on me, I knew things would be ok. Tynan you are a great new friend, and that night will ever be burned in my mind. I have never felt this way before about an event.....event motocrossing or winning a golf tournament. Thank you for showing this gear boy, a great time, and inviting me.

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