We Won!

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I read the article... it was great! You have a great mind and it's nice to read your thoughts on Your blog and elsewhere. Too bad there aren't more people our age that think like you do... it's a shame =[ BUT, awesome that you are there to speak for us younger kink heads haha :D More power to you!

It's obvious you are interested in doing the gig [MiR competition] or you would have never mentioned it on here. :p Doing something like that is 80% preparation and 20% execution. Honestly, if you got ahold of your stage fright, you could do that gig with your eyes closed! There is nothing to it, especially with someone who is so enthusiastic... it's perfect for you! You should do it!

Worst case scenario, you don't win... but you would have less of "a pit in your stomach" than when you started. In the end, you still come out on top! =]

Good Luck with your decision! See you at MPLS Gearnight?!? Hope so! =]=]


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