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hey Tynan -- been reading you for about half a year, first comment. i want to mention that part of the reason bareback porn companies are considered sketchy by some is that sometimes they'll film very young guys, who perhaps haven't had years and years of experience, and some of those guys who have misconceptions about HIV wind up infected with the virus.

that might be a factor in IML's decision to keep bareback porn off the shelves -- they don't want to support a business that endangers some of its employees.

certainly, the majority of bareback porn actors know what they're signing up for, but there is not a small minority of the young-and-dumb potential actors that IML might be standing up for.

Tynan Fox

Hey, thanks for reading the blog and I appreciate the input. It's tough to get feedback sometimes.

And you bring up a very interesting point, one which I had not considered. Of course, there are plenty of young-and-dumb models, and that is a great amount of responsibility that IML would be taking on to try to stand up for them.

I'm sure that didn't occur to me because in honesty, I don't watch professional porn. Pretty much at all. Just doesn't appeal to me much. I really suppose that the vendor ban on bareback porn doesn't affect me much in that way. But thank you for bringing that issue to light for me. It's a very important one. :)

And thanks for reading!

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