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Bob Wingate

Great post! And the photo of you suspended is fantastic.

Tynan Fox

Thanks!  I really appreciate that!  It was actually incredibly comfortable, could have hung there for hours!


I too got excited by bondage at a young age, well before I even knew what sex was. It probably took me until my very late teens to even realize that an interest in being tied up was a "legitimate" sexual experience for some part of the population. It took me a little longer to explore my fantasies in real life than it took you (that conservative religious upbringing can be very powerful, can't it?). I'm not going to broadcast indiscriminately to the world any of my sexual activities, but I'm not ashamed of them either.

I really love that transition at the end of the piece "he hugged me....And then he suspended me in his basement." You're a good writer, and that pic is great too.


I wish I could sign my real name to this, but unfortunately, in the country and community I live in, I can't.

But I'm not envious because this is life. :) I am happy for you though, and the many people who are able to explore themselves the way you do.

I really enjoy your blog. I don't think I live vicariously through it, but that'd be me in denial.

Me in denial. Mmmm ... LOL :)

Tulku Rinzen

My bondage sexuality was a much easier realization for me to stomach than my homosexuality. I saw them as competing paths within my own spirit. That was until I realized they're mutually inclusive. *wags*


Coming from a British conservative evangelical background I really identify with this. I had a good few years of self denial about being into kink and then being gay. Ultimately, no amount of prayer or abstinence was ever going to make me happy. It's strange how interests in bondage showed up early. It was the same for me. In my case, the power rangers have A LOT to answer for!

I'm grateful that aside from issues of taste and appropriate company, I'm now free to explore my sexuality being gay and into Bondage/S&M the lot. I think that comparatively, we're quite a small percentage of the words population. That makes me very sad.


To say I identify with this post would be an understatement. I came to accept my kinks long before accepting myself as gay. There have been times I question my kinks, wonder why.

Being born in a conservative community and family i think is what has caused me to pause the most accepting things, yet the love of bondage dates back to childhood.

I am also amazed with that photo. I would LOVE to try something like that some day.


Hey Tynan,

I thought I had to say hello after this latest post. I know a variant of how you felt, but it was with kink in general, not just bondage. I knew what I felt, and knew I was into guys and was gay, and I knew I was kinky; however, when I told my parents that I liked men, I was sent to conversion therapy for 2 years. The feeling is terrible, and while I snapped out of the conversion therapy mentality right after high school, now it's finally something that I have accepted as a part of my history.

What I'm trying to say is this: kink is something that a reclaiming of full sexual agency and our ability to be fully liberated with who we are as people. I think people who went through repression feel like we need to make sure we're not suppressed by any societal norm, after we were oppressed for so long.

Oh, and you look great in maroon undies.



Hi Tynan. I've believed for years that "kink" is a kind of orientation unto itself, similar to gay, lesbian, bi; and certainly more specific then that, the love (need) for bondage or other types of fetishes are (sexual) orientations. Being gay for me for years was secondary to being a slave / submissive / boy. (That was the progression). It's been fifteen years or so since I first felt the burning urge need to experience pain AS sex. The absolute co-mingling of my sexual orientation and my kink has not faded.
I love your blog; don't have time to read all of it in one sitting, but I absolutely will be back!

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