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I'm going to caveat this with the info that I'm a straight, mostly vanilla, female, (which makes me sound so square, I'm cubed. Which isn't accurate.) so who knows the validity of my opinion on this issue.

However, most of the truly "manly" men I have known exhibit few, if any, of the default world's definitions of masculinity. Gay, straight, bear, twink, kink, vanilla, old young, white or black, didn't matter. But what every single one of them has had, without fail, is courage. Courage to be themselves, know themselves and not be a raging asshole to others in an attempt to define themselves. It's also really hot.

I just found this blog (thanks Dan Savage) and I would say from what I've read, yeah, you're a man.

Tynan Fox

Thanks for the kind words...nice to know I have at least one fan! :)


Courage....yes! Thank you, dear commenter, for putting the perfect word into my head as I read this!

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