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Trey Andrews

You are so lucky to even know one thing that you love to spend your time doing, and to have two of those things, and being able to at least allow each to prosper in their own time makes it great to read about. I hope you figure out a way to balance out the loves of your life. You deserve it.


Looking forward to seeing you at MIR!

I am very happy you are finding all these experiences. Right now I feel that I have not been trying to reach out as I should to connect with others for gear time. It feel like that side of me is missing out... Very happy are taking advantage of it.


well, balancing between what you love to do and your job (can be said what you have to do) is not always easy. even arranging your free time to your normal friends and kinky friends can be so hard. yet my opinion is 'scale time for yourself'...
sometimes you cannot find opportunity to do what you like because of job, free time etc. that doesnt mean the end of life. reconsider it again, life is not fair, so whenever you find time for what you like, enjoy. if you have obstacles for fun, dont get dissappointed, just think that there is always another fishes to catch in this river...
have fun, be safe

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