We Won!

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Hi! Just found you via a mention in Savage Love, so I had to stop in. Reading about the hierarchical structure of the leather community and your take on the younger generation was refreshing. Do you think that perhaps the younger generation has less structure because you have so many more ways to seek each other out (internet) than the previous generations? Where do you see this trend taking the leather community in the future?

FYI, I'm a straight, married female who socializes with her spouse in her local BDSM community. A while back we had Master Z of Chicago as a guest at on of our events. I enjoyed listening to his stories of growing up in the leather community and noting the differences in his mannerisms and ways of communicating compared to the other people in our area. I would say my "kink streak" is firmly entrenched by my love of fetish photography. LOVE your headline photo and I'm looking forward to exploring your site more.

Tynan Fox

Thanks for the compliments and all the comments.  Yes, I absolutely think that we have less structure due to the large amount of technology and social networking sites available to us.  This has made meeting one another easier to do, and without the requirement of a mentor or master of sorts.  If you can bypass that all together, then you lose the structure.  

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